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Networking Dictionary

Networking and non-networking terms to be thought of and applied

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Building connections effectively.

Networking effectiveness

When you are increasing the number of your contacts and you give back by reciprocating and sending names forward to your colleagues.

Law of abundance

Universal law that it states that the universe is filled with abundance – of everything you can imagine.

WDYK: Who Do You Know

The most important question to ask when you ask for a referral or you feel that your contact is not going to be able to help you.

Fun network

The type of network that implies sports, skills, evenings out, weekends together, partying and friends etc. You have fun spending time with these contacts and genuinely enjoy the time invested in this network. In some cases, this network gives you an invigorating feeling of contributing or giving back to the community.


Best Time To Call a contact.

‘Burning a Bridge’

Actions taken to eliminate the possibility of return or retreat from a certain unwanted situation. These actions are often regrettable and more often than not impossible to take back.

Personal Branding

Ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization; this concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging.

Etiquette of Networking

Rules of etiquette that are absolutely essential if you hope to be an effective networker, such as: being altruistic, practice the Law of Abundance, help people, etc.

‘Taking a Shot-Gun approach’

Marketing strategy whereby ( in contrast to rifle approach) the aim is to cover as wide an area or population as possible.

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