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14th video

Networking Tip #4: ‘Ice Breaker’

The Scenario: You’re going to an event and you didn’t bring a buddy.
Now what?
Don’t panic. The magic words: Ice Breaker.
If it’s an event where people are expected to meet other people – you’re in good company. You just need to crank up your courage level a little bit!
‘Ice Breaker’ means to find a common topic between two people, add a comment, introduce yourself, shake hands, exchange cards and move on.
Like everything else all you need is a few guidelines and practice. Go for it…try it! You’ll feel like Superman or Wonder Woman once you’ve broken the ice and proved to yourself that “this was easy!”

13th video

Networking Tip #3: ‘Stealth at the door’

The scenario: You go to an event because of the topic or speaker…but you’re going alone.
Now what?
Instead of waiting for something to happen, why not be proactive?
‘Stealth at the door’ means that you are under the radar but you’re getting ready to seize networking opportunities – you’re looking for familiar faces as they walk in the room. This has great benefits for you and for someone that has noticed you; its win-win!

12th video

Networking Tip #2: WDYK

It’s amazing when you feel that you’re not progressing during a discussion, all of a sudden you ask – Who do you know (WDYK) and the conversation takes on a new life of its own and this person can now connect you to someone…like magic!

11th video

Tip #1 on Networking: Let’s have coffee!

Control your emotions, face your fears; get better and improve your networking skills all by asking this new person if it’s OK to have coffee. It’s that easy!

10th video

Everybody you know is a contact

Contacts from your personal network are everywhere. For most of us, these remain untapped contacts since we never thought we could actually network with some of these people.

9th video

The Etiquette of Networking – Thank you

Saying thank you closes the loop, sends a confirmation to the person helping you and keeps the door open for your next conversation. Saying thank you is the highest form of courtesy. It speaks about your character and credibility.

8th video

The Etiquette of Networking

Here is a short video that illustrates the Etiquette of Networking and if properly executed, this will transform you into a super networker.

7th video

Law of Abundance – Open Source

Check out this short video to get you familiar with the Law of Abundance.

6th video

Law of Abundance

From today make the Law of Abundance part of who you are! Enjoy my 1.5 minute video!

5th video

Chinese Restaurant

Check out this two minute video to make you realize that you already have a lot of contacts – you just didn’t know about it till now!

4th video

To get better clients!

Check out this one minute video and understand the difference between getting clients and better clients.

3rd video

Because we’ve given up!

In this new A Networking Book video you will find another reason why we network.

2nd video

No skin in the game

Find out why do we network.

1st video

Meet & Greet

Find out how people network effectively in Calgary & Monaco.

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